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craigslist pulling tractor ABOUT TRACTOR PULLING:
Truck and tractor pulling known collectively as power pulling is a popular motorsport competition around the world. It involved a high powered heavy duty tractor (sometime with three V8 engines) pulling a weighted sled (sledge) down a 100 meter track. There are various classes and divisions which include modern modified farm tractors as well as antique tractor pulling, and garden or lawn tractor pulling. The sport is the most popular in the following countries.

View the video below to get an idea of what tractor pulling entails. Video courtesy 2011 Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League's Pro Stocks



Craigslist Pulling Tractor Lineup

Through our acquisition of used tractors, we come across semi-modified to completely custom pulling tractors from time to time. We also have many tractors in our inventory that we serve as a great base to build a champion pulling tractor. Please contact us for pricing and availability. Thank you for choosing Craigslist Tractor!